Composition and Theory Lessons!

Inclusion, Solo for Flute

About the lessons


Each lesson will be custom designed for each student. They will consist of:


  • Composition exercises – to help in the creative process

  • Theory assistance – because music theory is integral to composition

  • Networking advice – This is a valuable skill for any composer in any field and it can be challenging for introverts like me.

  • Practical lessons – This is for students interested in video game music. I will take you through the steps of getting your music from pen and paper to the computer screen, and into a video game.


At this time, I am only accepting students in the Calgary area.



Skills potential students should have


                Potential students should be able to read music and play the piano at a basic level. It is common in university composition classes for the composer to play their piece on the piano for the class to comment. While I will also be playing through the music, it helps me understand the material that you are trying to convey when you can play it yourself. I don’t mean you have to be the next Liszt or Chopin by any means and even single hand piano is plenty to get your point across.




TL;DR – In short


  • Students ages 14+ (including adults and university students)

  • 30min – 60 min lessons via Skype. (In-home lessons will continue in stage 3 of re-opening due to Covid-19)

  • Content will be individualized and contain composition/theory exercises, history components, and networking/marketing basics

  • Free initial interview/consultation

  • With enough students, I may also be able to hold a small semester/year-end concert for those interested.